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  • Pilates is a tried and tested form of exercise that is designed to improve ‘function’ via increasing strength, flexibility, endurance and co-ordination.

    An unstable ‘core’ (lower back, abdominals and pelvis muscles) contributes to an increased risk of injury. Our Wednesday lunchtime and Saturday morning classes are delivered by Carmen Diaz, Qualified Pilates Instructor. We also offer clinical Pilates delivered by a qualified physiotherapist who is able to tailor a routine to individual needs and future goals. Carmen is looking at creating new classes for 2018 at Active including a Barre class, Pilates circuit class and Mums & Bubs classes.

    Pilates circuit, is a type of “interval training,” meaning it combines cardio elements that make you sweat with resistance training to build lean muscles.

    Pilates Barre, it is a balanced blend of strength and flexibility training that improves posture, reduces stress, and creates lean, long muscles without bulking up

    Mums and Bubs, the classes are specifically designed for the needs of you and your new baby. You will enjoy a safe, rewarding and fun environment that can assist in regaining lost fitness and strength while also interacting with other mothers and their babies

    $36.00 per Casual Class Pass or $285.00 for a 10 Class Pass. Health Fund rebates apply* (subject to individual private health policy conditions).

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    Do you have a condition that leaves you out of breath? Want everyday activities to feel less breathless? Pulmonary rehabilitation class is a supervised and individualised approach to increasing your cardiovascular fi tness and general exercise tolerance. Upper limb, lower limb and trunk muscles will be used in a monitored program with a gradually increasing intensity. Clients with emphysema, lung surgery, cancer, asthma, heart disease, or medically deconditioned will benefit from our expert advice and close supervision. Classes Friday @ 9.30am

    Daily exercise is also recommended which could be completed with a home program, or complemented by attendance at our Pilates, Yoga or Falls Prevention class.

    $36.00 per Casual Class Pass or $285.00 for a 10 Class Pass.  Health Fund rebates apply


    This class incorporates standing balance, leg strength and bone stimulating exercises to treat osteoporosis and osteopenia, using body weight and small exercise props. Unfortunately the consequences of a fall can be catastrophic such as a fractured hip or prolonged hospital stays. Advancing age does not mean that you need to become inactive. Standing activity improves bone density, makes leg and trunk muscles strong and can improve balance and reduce your risk of a fall. Join our fall prevention and osteoporosis class to increase safety and fitness.

    Classes Monday @ 10.30am.

    $36.00 per Casual Class Pass. Health Fund rebates apply.


    Do you have an injury preventing / disrupting your running? At Active Physiotherapy, we specialize in the management of running injuries. Senior physiotherapist Suz, and physiotherapist Ellie have recently completed the 'Running Rehab: Running retraining, exercise and performance' course. Suz and Ellie have acquired the skills and knowledge to diagnose biomechanical deficits in injured runners and how common running faults can lead to injury. Call 49533557 or use our online booking gateway to book your running assessment to receive advice and education on running retraining, exercise, footwear and other interventions for both injury and performance in running.


    Everybody is different and sometimes we need to fit your bike to suit your specific anatomy, flexibility, strength or previous injuries. A bike fit can help any sort of rider – from the elite to recreational; those suffering pain or discomfort, or those just wanting to be as efficient as possible. At Active Physiotherapy our senior physiotherapists Nicole and Suz can help you achieve your ultimate cycling set up.

    Call 49533557 or use our online booking gateway to book with Suz or Nicole today.