• Ginny Erichsen is a musculoskeletal physiotherapist with 21 years of clinical experience.   She has spent the last 12 years of her clinical practice focusing on shoulder related injuries, providing assessment and rehabilitation services to people with shoulder pain or following shoulder surgery.  

    She regularly attends shoulder courses, follows current research and teaches newly qualified physiotherapists within the practice.  She is regularly asked to provide second opinions for complex shoulder cases by Physiotherapists and GP’s.

  • The Shoulder Service at APM

    Through her clinical interest in shoulder injuries, Ginny has set up a dedicated shoulder service to patients in Mackay experiencing shoulder pain.   The aim being to provide a highly professional service to people with shoulder injuries through detailed assessment of all the factors influencing shoulder pain and producing an individualised treatment plan to address these.  When indicated onward referral for medical imaging or surgical opinion can be advised.

    We frequently see people referred from local GP’s and Mackay, Townsville and Brisbane based surgeons.  We strive to create close working relationships with our referrers through regular communication and providing a highly professional service.

  • How can Physio help me?

    Shoulder pain is a very common condition seen by physiotherapists. 

    The shoulder joint itself is a ball and socket joint - the socket being much shallower than the ball like a golf ball sitting on a tee. This design allows a large range of movement to occur through the joint.  However, this means the shoulder is largely controlled and supported by soft tissue such as cartilage, ligaments and muscles.  These structures all work together to provide stability to the joint.   

    A Physiotherapist can provide you with a thorough assessment of your shoulder pain and consider all of the factors which are contributing to your pain.  Understanding what is happening to your shoulder and why is essential for good clinical outcomes.  A physiotherapist will spend time with you explaining this and how you can help yourself and then an individual treatment plan can be designed and implemented.